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Company subscriptions

For companies from 10 persons

OSTWIND offers company subscriptions for companies with 10 or more employees.

The very favourable company subscription is concluded with the employer and offers employees the additional benefit of travelling through-out the entire OSTWIND area.

Free rail and bus travel for your employees

With the OSTWIND company subscription, your employees benefit in several ways:
As an employer, you are financially committed to the OSTWIND company subscription offer with a freely selectable company contribution. This gives your employees the following benefits:

Your employees benefit from a price reduction for the annual subscription (employee discount).
The scope of your employees' subscriptions is automatically extended for the entire subscription network area.
You define the benefits for your employees as part of your financial commitment. A unified company contribution per employee subscription enables transparent cost planning.

» Further detailed information can be found here (PDF).


Are you as an employer interested in this offer? In this case we are gladly at your disposal for a consultation.
If you are interested, please contact info@ostwind.ch stating your company address, contact person and number of employees. Our account manager will be happy to get in touch with you.