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For travellers in ZVV


Z-Pass combines networks

Z-Pass is the name of the ticket that can be purchased for a selected zone combination between ZVV and one of the neighbouring networks.

Z-Pass is

  • is the ideal ticket for people travelling between OSTWIND and ZVV
  • has to be purchased if at least one OSTWIND zone is combined with an adjacent ZVV zone

In addition to monthly and annual season tickets, single tickets are also available

With Z-Pass single tickets, multi-trip tickets, day passes and multi-day passes, all means of transport within the zones can be used for trips to the ZVV area; one ticket for everything This makes travelling across the network easier and more convenient. The price depends on the number of selected zones. The two city zones Winterthur (120) and Zurich (110) each count as two zones because the network of public transportation is much denser here.

The annual and monthly subscriptions junior and adults of Z-Pass are available on SwissPass from 10.12.2017. The rest of the Z-Pass range is still available on paper.

Remark: Please note that only parts of the OSTWIND network area are included in the OSTWIND-ZVV network connection. Z-Pass ALL ZONE tickets are therefore not valid in the whole OSTWIND area.

Points of sale:

Z-Pass tickets are available at all ticket offices and ticket machines in the OSTWIND zones starting with 9.

» Further information and prices can be found here.