Connecting tickets

Connecting tickets

(within & outside of OFN)

Connecting tickets can be used to extend the scope of a ticket. The scope of application for connecting tickets depends on the existing tick-et.

Buy connecting tickets in the OSTWIND area

If the basic ticket is a combined ticket of the OSTWIND fare network (including OSTWIND-VHB and OSTWIND-VVV combined tickets) with printed zone numbers, connecting tickets must be connected to an OSTWIND zone number included in the combined ticket. Connecting tickets are to be purchased like normal zone tickets. If you have already printed a zone on an existing ticket, simply start from one departure point in the next zone.

Example: You have an OSTWIND subscription for zones 210, 211, 212 and 214 and would like to travel to Wil. You need a connection ticket for the zones 915 and 916.

Purchase connection tickets from Z-Pass at OSTWIND (or vice versa)

A valid OSTWIND ticket, which connects spatially to a Z-Pass, can be used together with the Z-Pass for a continuous journey, provided that the means of transport used has a scheduled stop within an OFN zone (8xx or 9xx) listed on the Z-Pass ticket.

Example: You have a Winterthur-Eschlikon Z-Pass subscription (zones 120, 164, 917) and would like to travel with the IC from Winterthur to St.Gallen. You need a ticket from Winterthur to St.Gallen (last stop of the IC is Winterthur).

Connecting tickets in traffic across the interconnected borders

Connecting tickets for national and international traffic must be pur-chased from or after the last scheduled stop within the area of applica-tion of the network-connecting ticket.

Example: You own the zone Euregio 1 of the Euregio Bodensee day pass and would like to travel to Gossau SG. You need a connection ticket for the zones 210, 211 and 212.

Please contact a serviced point of sale for further information.

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