Further tickets

Further tickets

Junior card and children take-along card

For families: Junior card

With the junior card, children aged 6 to 16 accompanied by their father and/or mother travel free for one year. The parents must have valid tickets. The junior card is accepted with all OSTWIND tickets and sub-scriptions.

» Further information can be found here.

For grandparents: Children take-along card

With the children's take-along card for 30 Swiss Francs, a child from the age of 6 until their 16th birthday travels through Switzerland for a whole year accompanied by a person with a valid ticket.

» Further information can be found here.

Self loading of bicycles

In most cases, the transport of a bicycle requires an additional regular ticket. For short distances in the OSTWIND network the following tickets are required:

  • Persons with GS, Half Fare card, FVP and children up to 16 years: reduced ticket, 2nd class
  • Juniors having a children's or junior ticket: no additional ticket required
  • Persons with other travel passes Ticket adults, 2nd class class

For longer journeys we recommend the purchase of national bike day tickets. Please note that bicycle transport is not possible in all OSTWIND transport companies and that national bicycle tickets are not valid in all OSTWIND transport companies. For information on transport restrictions, please contact the transport company concerned. 

» Frequently asked questions on self-service bicycle transport

» Information on self-service bicycle transport (PDF)

» Offers to the national bicycle tickets can be found here

Bringing animals with you

Small dogs and cats are free of charge if they are transported in bags, baskets etc. In all other cases, zone tickets for animals must be pur-chased at a reduced price (Half Fare card/children).

City tickets

A city ticket includes the day ticket of the local transport company of the destination city.

City tickets are available for more than 20 cities in Switzerland.

» Further information can be found here.

Class change

OSTWIND class change

If you have a valid 2nd class ticket and would rather travel in 1st class, you can buy a class upgrade for an extra charge.

Please contact a serviced point of sale for further information.

» Buy your OSTWIND class change here.

» Buy your OSTWIND class change day pass here.

Call buses

For using call buses an additional fee has to be paid.