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Night supplement

A night supplement for 7 networks.

For the use of the night network on Friday and Saturday nights (usually from 01:00 am) a night surcharge is required in addition to a valid ticket.

Tickets and the night supplement must be purchased before departure. All trains and vehicles subject to a supplement are marked with a "Z" under remarks in the online timetable. In most cases, the vehicles are also labelled with an "N" for night (e.g. SN7). The night supplement is valid for 18 hours after stamping time.

ยป A map of the night network can be found here.

How to get your night supplement

The night supplement can be obtained via apps (e.g. OSTWIND Tickets, SBB), at all ticket machines in the entire night network, at the counter or via SMS.

  • Conventional ticket
    The night supplement can be purchased at all ticket machines in the entire night network or at the counter.
  • Via app "OSTWIND Tickets"
    Simply select the night supplement in the app and confirm the pur-chase. A night supplement ticket appears on your smartphone display.
  • Via SMS
    Simply send an SMS with the text "NZ" to the destination number 988 (CHF 5.- per SMS; only valid for Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt). The SMS received must be shown to the driving or control personnel on request.
  • Multi-night supplement
    For CHF 27 (6 supplements - stamp once per night) you can travel even cheaper. You can pay the multi-night supplement at the vending machines or at a serviced point of sale