9. What does "shared responsibility in public transport" mean?

OSTWIND is responsible for the processing of your data. As a company/association of public transport, we are obliged by law to provide certain transport services with other transport companies and associations ("direct transport").

For this purpose and for other purposes described in this data protection declaration, data is shared at national level within the so-called National Direct Transport (NDV), an association of over 240 transport companies (TU) and public transport associations. The individual TUs and associations are listed here. Data from the purchase of services and the establishment of contact are stored in a central database which is managed by SBB on behalf of the NDV and for which we are jointly responsible with the other companies and associations of the NDV ("NDV database").

For services that you purchase using the SwissPass login, the data is then stored in another central database ("SwissPass database") for which we are jointly responsible with the TUs, associations and NDV, the database again being managed by SBB on behalf of NDV. For efficient service provision and cooperation among the parties involved, the data from the various databases are merged where necessary. In order to enable the so-called Single Sign-On (SSO) (one login for all applications that offer the use of their services with the SwissPass login), the aforementioned login, card, customer and service data are also exchanged between the central login infrastructure of the SwissPass and us as part of the authentication process.

The scope of access to the shared databases by the individual TUs and associations is regulated and limited by a joint agreement. The transfer and processing by the other TUs and associations of the NDV that takes place with the central storage is basically limited to contract processing, ticket control, the Apr├Ęs Vente service and revenue distribution. In addition, the data collected when purchasing NDV services is also processed for marketing purposes in certain cases. This includes the evaluation of the data in order to further develop and advertise the public transport services in a needs-oriented manner. If you are contacted for this purpose, we (OSTWIND) will contact you. The other TUs and associations involved in the NDV will only contact you in exceptional cases and under strict conditions, and only if the evaluation of the data shows that a certain public transport service could bring added value for you as a customer. One exception to this is contacting SBB. On behalf of the NDV, the SBB manages the marketing mandate for NDV services (e.g. GA and half-fare travelcard) and in this role may contact you on a regular basis.

Our legitimate interest forms the legal basis for the data processing mentioned here.