Data protection

OSTWIND fare network is subject to Swiss data protection legislation when processing personal customer data. Personal data will be pro-cessed in the following areas and for the purposes associated with them.

  • Support of the customer relationship (e.g. issuing of the network subscription, services such as cancellation of the subscription, notification of the renewal of the expiring subscription).
  • Securing revenue (checking the validity of tickets) and combating abuse.
  • Marketing and evaluation: The customer agrees that personal customer data can be evaluated by technical means in order to improve offers and services of public transport. The customer acknowledges that he/she can be supplied with advertising by OSTWIND fare network or the transport companies participating in the OSTWIND fare network without his/her express objection. If the customer does not wish to receive advertising, he/she can in-form OSTWIND or the contact center/customer service (by tele-phone or letter/email) at any point of sales served by the OST-WIND fare network.
  • Forwarding of customer data to third parties: OSTWIND fare net-work is entitled to commission third parties for defined activities such as the production of plastic cards or marketing and to pro-vide them with the necessary customer data. Authorised third par-ties are contractually obliged to comply with Swiss data protection legislation when handling customer data.
  • Passing on customer data to the direct transport mandate holder (Association of Swiss Transport Companies): OSTWIND fare network is entitled to pass on customer, ticket and travel data to the mandate holder (currently SBB) of direct transport - Associa-tion of Swiss Transport Companies - for the handling of customer relations, the preparation of the distribution keys of the networks, marketing and the combating of misuse. This is only done for the purposes mentioned and to the extent necessary.

Use of the mobile ticketing app OSTWIND "Tickets"

A. Processing of data

The cooperative OSTWIND fare network, based in St.Gallen ("OFN") operates the mobile ticketing app OSTWIND "Tickets". In dealing with personal and customer data, it complies with the applicable law.

Personal data provided by the customer to OFN via the app are collect-ed, used and processed by OFN.

The data collection for the purpose of issuing electronic tickets via an application for mobile phones has been registered with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

OFN uses appropriate security systems to protect personal and cus-tomer data against foreseeable risks.

OFN only collects and processes data in connection with the use of the app and the purchase of mobile tickets. This data includes the customer information provided by the customer (in particular credit or debit card information and email address), the stored mobile tickets and the data in connection with the use of the credit or debit card.

The purchaser of a mobile ticket acknowledges that commissioned third party companies in Switzerland and abroad, which are concerned in particular with the control of mobile tickets, hosting, operation and maintenance of the app and payment processing on behalf of OFN, may obtain knowledge of personal and customer data. These companies are subject to the same data protection regulations as OFN.

Third party companies will only disclose data that does not enable a link between the identity of the customer and the route for which the mobile tickets were purchased. However, by using the app, the customer ex-pressly consents to OFN forwarding the place of departure to third par-ties in conjunction with the smartphone ID and, if applicable, the stored email address.

Due to the anonymized data, no conclusions can be drawn regarding individual users or persons.

 B. Card information

The card information is not stored on the smartphone, the app or by OFN. The registration of the credit or debit card in the app is directly arranged at Datatrans AG, Stadelhoferstrasse 33, CH-8001 Zurich, Phone +41 44 256 81 91,

C. Storage duration

Customer information collected in connection with the use of the app is retained for as long as the customer uses the app. After the last use of the app, customer information will be stored for a maximum of 2 years, unless a longer legal retention period applies.

D. Rights of the customer

The customer has the right to revoke his consent to the processing of his personal data. In this case, however, further use of the app is not possible.

The customer can request information from OFN about the data con-cerning him/her and their processing as well as the correction, deletion or restriction/cessation of the processing of his/her data.

E. Inquries

Inquiries about data protection can be sent to the following address:

OSTWIND fare network
St. Leonhardstrasse 20
9001 St.Gallen