The öV Plus app enables the purchase of the range of tickets of the OSTWIND tariff association as well as national tickets, including the popular Supersaver tickets. It also has a variety of useful functions that help users reach their destination more quickly.

The öV Plus app provides real-time timetable information, departure times from the next stop, and the best connection from the current location to any address in Switzerland. Users are informed in good time about delays or detour. The app can be personalized and the SwissPass can be stored as well as a variety of payment methods.

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The FAIRTIQ ticket app enables zone- and border-free travel throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein (LIEmobil). Before your journey, you check in with one click and receive a valid ticket. After your journey, you check out again with another click. Thanks to the location of your mobile phone, the system recognises the route you have travelled and then charges the appropriate ticket to the stored means of payment. This means that you always have the right ticket with you, without having to go through the hassle of studying fares.

How it works

  • Download and install the FAIRTIQ app
  • Register once and define the means of payment
  • Define the ticket category: 1st class or 2nd class; normal fare or reduced fare (half-fare travelcard or under 16s)
  • If you have a valid zone subscription: Deposit of the zone subscription - selection of the association, the valid subscription zones and definition of the expiry date.
  • Before the journey: Start the FAIRTIQ app and carry out the check-in by swiping the "START" button.
  • After the journey: As soon as you have completed your journey and got out of the means of transport, carry out the check-out process by swiping the "STOP" button. The app now automatically calculates the distance travelled and the travel costs.

FAIRTIQ automatically rewards frequent travellers with the FAIRTIQ bonus


For those who regularly use public transport but do not have a subscription, the multi-ride ticket is an alternative to the single ticket. But this has considerable disadvantages. On the one hand, it is inflexible, and on the other hand, it is not very convenient: after all, who has not forgotten to stamp their multi-ride ticket before the journey?

FAIRTIQ bonus offers an automatic reward for regular passengers:

If you use FAIRTIQ on at least 5 days in a calendar month, you receive 5% of the total monthly travel costs as a credit for use in the following month.

To benefit from FAIRTIQ bonus, you do not have to register or pay any fixed fees. As soon as you use FAIRTIQ, the system automatically recognises whether you meet the conditions. The credit is automatically credited to your journeys in the next month without you having to do anything. This gives occasional users a fair and practical discount without having to afford a subscription or limit themselves in terms of distance.

Area of validity

Tickets purchased via the app are valid throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein


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SBB Mobile makes everyday travel easier. The app offers a simple and personalised timetable query - and all it takes is two clicks to buy a ticket. An integrated travel companion provides real-time information about delays, track changes and train cancellations. You can now purchase your tickets via " monthly bill", the most popular online payment method in Switzerland. And did you know that with the app you can benefit from low-priced tickets such as the Supersaver pass or the Supersaver tickets? Of course, you can also buy OSTWIND single tickets and day passes.

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