Company travelcard

For companies with 5 or more employees

The OSTWIND fare network offers companies and their employees an attractive offer for using public transport in the entire OSTWIND area. With the OSTWIND company travelcard, employees of a partner company can travel anywhere and as often as they like in all OSTWIND zones by public transport. Companies and their employees can benefit from the special conditions from a minimum purchase of 5 travelcards per year.

If your employees commute to work by public transport, this offers your company numerous advantages:

  • Cost-efficiency: Parking infrastructure is more expensive than contributing to public transport costs.
  • Productivity: employees arrive at work less stressed
  • Time optimisation: depending on the job, your employees can already work on the road
  • Optimisation of the ecological footprint: public transport protects the environment
  • Benefit for employees: Employees receive a larger area of validity

With the OSTWIND company travelcard, you have the opportunity to provide your employees with an attractive public transport offer for both work and leisure.

How does the OSTWIND company travelcard work?

The OSTWIND company travelcard is financed in two parts:

  • Company contribution

You choose a % discount model with which you would like to subsidise the subscription price for your employees. You then pay a fixed amount per employee who then orders a company travelcard. The amount depends on the discount model chosen and the fare level of the season tickets offered (1st class, 2nd class, Junior, Adult).

  • Employee contribution

The price of the company travelcard for your employees is the normal price of an OSTWIND annual travelcard for the number of zones between home and work minus the % discount you grant.

However, your employees do not only receive a cheaper travelcard: OSTWIND also grants a free upgrade to "all zones" on every company travelcard. Your employees thus pay a reduced price on a normal OSTWIND travelcard and receive an "all zones" company travelcard that they can use both at work and in their free time. The OSTWIND company travelcard is only available as an annual travelcard.

Practical example

  • You offer an OSTWIND company travelcard with a 30% discount.
  • An employee lives in Gossau and commutes daily to St.Gallen (company location).
  • She needs 3 OSTWIND zones for this journey. Normal price: CHF 1008.- (adults, 2nd class)
  • You reduce the subscription according to the contract with a 30% discount: The employee thus pays only CHF 706.-.
  • The employee receives an OSTWIND company travelcard "all zones" upon completion of the purchase - regardless of how many zones she has paid for.
  • At the end of the month, we charge you the company contribution: with a 30% model, this amounts to CHF 450.- per sold annual travelcard (fixed price: adults, 2nd class).

Would you like your employees to benefit from the OSTWIND company travelcard as well? Please contact us. Our customer advisor will be happy to make an appointment with you for a personal consultation.

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Commuting by public transport brings you numerous advantages:

  • Full-cost calculation in most cases cheaper compared to the car (insurance, parking, fuel, depreciation, etc.)
  • no patience tests in traffic jams
  • Possibility to work, relax, read or unwind
  • Savings on CO2 emissions
  • Significantly safer than commuting by car (according to statistics)

If your employer has a company travelcard partnership with the OSTWIND fare network, you will also benefit from special one-off conditions in addition to the above-mentioned advantages.

This is how it works

Ask your company whether it is a partner in the OSTWIND fare network. If this is the case, you will receive a link to the application form. If no partnership exists yet, make your company aware of our offer.

For an OSTWIND company travelcard, you pay the standard tariff of an OSTWIND annual travelcard for the number of zones between your place of residence and place of work, minus the % discount granted by your employer. The number of zones is calculated on the basis of the logical connection between your place of residence and your place of work, which is provided by the system without via specification. In addition to the discounted subscription, you will receive a free upgrade to "all zones" from OSTWIND for every company travelcard; usable for work and leisure, 7 days a week!

Practical example

  • Your employer offers an OSTWIND company travelcard with a 30% discount.
  • You live in Gossau and commute to work in St.Gallen every day.
  • You need 3 OSTWIND zones for the journey. Normal price: CHF 1008.- (adults, 2nd class)
  • Your employer will grant you a 30% discount on the season ticket: You therefore pay only CHF 706.-.
  • You will receive an OSTWIND company travelcard "all zones" - regardless of how many zones you have paid for.

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